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EHO provided school supplies for 1360 pupils
Published: 28-09-2016
During September and October 2016, EHO shall provide packets with school supplies for grade school children of underprivileged ...
Call for Engagement of Local Associates for (Re)Integration
Published: 19-09-2016
As of July 2016, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) is implementing the project "Support to Reintegration of Returnees" ...
Good Practice Example: Mobilization of Roma Community in Mišar
Published: 16-09-2016
The project “Post Flood Rehabilitation Through Community Mobilization” was success fully finished in the end of July 2016. In ...
Construction of 37 housing units in Obrenovac and Lazarevac for socially vulnerable families who lost their accommodation in the floods
Published: 15-09-2016
Within the project “Owner Driven House Rehabilitation Of Houses For Flood Affected Vulnerable People In Serbia”, in May 2015 ...
EHO continues with successful project realization in the helping Roma and other socially vulnerable categories
Published: 14-09-2016
In early 2016, the consortium – EHO (Serbia) and HEKS-EPER (Switzerland) was approved with the new 3-year project ”Improvement of ...
Organization of Accredited Training for Nurses in the Municipality of Sečanj
Published: 12-09-2016
In the period 08 September-11 September 2016 and in cooperation with the Municipality of Sečanj, Ecumenical Humanitarian ...

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