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Projekat podrške onkološkim pacijentima na Institutu za onkologiju Vojvodine ponovo krenuo sa radom
Published: 21-04-2017
Projekat Zelene dame (Green Ladies) predstavlja saradnju između Ekumenske humanitarne organizacije (EHO) i Instituta za ...
Visit of founder of Herbert Stepic CEE Charity
Published: 19-04-2017
EHO is successfully implementing the project “Field work with children involved in life and/or work on street” since 2009 in ...
International day of children involved in life and/or work on street
Published: 13-04-2017
International day of children involved in life and/or work on street was established in 2011 by the ...
Solidarity action
Published: 11-04-2017
Each one of us may have plenty of clothing we don’t use anymore, and which we may give to those who are in the biggest need – ...
Safe Corner for children
Published: 11-04-2017
In cooperation with the Herbert Stepic CEE Charity EHO is, since 01 December 2016 successfully realizing the project “Safe corner ...
Construction of 16 apartments in Lazarevac
Published: 11-04-2017
Within the project “Owner Driven House Rehabilitation Of Houses For Flood Affected Vulnerable People In Serbia” (which is a part ...


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