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Home Care Service

 EHO Home Care and Assistance was firstly established in the late 2008 in Novi Sad. In Novi Sad there are engaged are 1 medical nurse and 3 social nurses who continuously support elderly and bed-ridden persons and in fulfilling daily basic needs. In February 2009 EHO established Home Care and Assistance in Pivnice where we engaged 1 social nurse. In Kisač this service was established in May 2009 with 1 social nurse. In June 2011 we started this service in Stara Pazova where we employed 1 medical nurse in Home Care.

Services provided by our medical and social nurses to our beneficiaries are:
Face wash, changing clothes, changing position in bed, hair washing&drying, shaving, trimming nails on hands&feet, bathing (in bed and bathroom), setting beds, changing linen, assisting in restroom & night-pot, control of catheter & change of bags, treatment of minor injuries, decubitus treatment, passive exercises, moving beneficiaries from bed to chair, exercise in walking with walking aids, simple massage, feeding, blood pressure measurement, pulse measurement, body temperature measurement, blood sugar measurement, intake control of prescribed medical drugs, administer drugs in eyes,ears&nose, breathing exercise, organizing visits to doctor, health education, periodical walking with visually impaired beneficiaries, house cleaning, washing  dishes&laundry, preparation of heating supplies & heating, personal hygiene aids maintenance, procure basic nourishment (bread, milk, water…), prepare simple meals, procure prepared meals, ironing, small reparations in&out of house, administrative assistance, procurement of medicines and diapers from pharmacy...

In Novi Sad, medical and social nurses work in two shifts therefore our Home Care services are available to beneficiaries on work-days from 7 to 22 hours and from 7 to 14h on weekends.

Beside this professional assistance provided by our medical&social nurses, in Novi Sad there is also available a functional volunteer psycho-social assistance&support with 11 volunteers who provide social services to beneficiaries and other elderly persons (i.e. accompaniment, procurements, and most often socializing with psychological support).

Telephone contact: +381 21 466 588
Verica Srejić, ext. 115
Borka Vrekić, ext. 121

Local and foreign donors of this project:  HEKS (  Grad Novi Sad   Hoffnung für Osteuropa


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