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Assisting Roma returnees in Vojvodina Project

EHO RRC, along with its partner Roma NGOs ‘Roma Education Center’ from Subotica and ‘Eureka’ from Sombor, implemented a project for Kosovo IDPs and Roma returning to Serbia from Western Europe according to the Readmission Agreements.

The overall project aim being defined as integration and/or re-integration, it was achieved by the activities of three sub-projects listed below, leading to the following results:

  • Legal Counseling and Assistance With Contacting the Institutions (total: 701 beneficiaries) included obtaining personal documents (documents obtained 650 from Serbia and 60 from abroad), organizing over 20 field visits to Roma settlements.
  • Education (Integration of Returnee Children into the Serbian Education System) included a total of 83 children. Besides supplementary classes, provision of schoolbooks, supplies and footwear for 30 children, a preparatory education course for enrollment into primary school was organized for 23 children.

Employment and Income Generation Measures aimed at integration and re-integration of Roma into the labor market and current economic trends, as well as economic empowerment of the expelled Roma through various employment and self-employment measures. This sub-project had 38 beneficiaries, 10 of whom got start-up grants for their own businesses, another 11 finished vocational training courses in various crafts with a state adult education facility and got necessary tools to start working, whereas 17 of them attended a business plan writing training course.


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