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Education & training

Within EHO

Educational activities include all seminars, round tables, workshops, training courses, etc. implemented as activities of the 14 EHO projects. For instance, in 2004, there were 4,030 educational activities held by EHO with a total of 58,377 participants and delivered by nearly 100 volunteers, part-time and full-time EHO staff.

Professional Development

Representing the organisation 15 EHO staff members participated in 198 various educational and informational events (i.e. seminars, training courses, workshops, round tables, conferences, expert consultations and coordination meetings, etc.) in 2004. For events abroad they travelled 37 times and for the local ones 161 times. EHO staff were participants in 99 events, lead organisers in 33 and trainers, presenters or facilitatiors in 66 of these.

In other words: on average
Each person involved in educational activities delivered 40 of these
There were 14 participants in each educational activity
EHO staff participated in an educational or informational event for purposes of professional development every 2 days.


Considering its 12 years' experience in project work with various target groups and tackling various problems, as well as being one of the biggest local NGOs in our country, EHO has the required knowledge, skills and expertise to do trainings and various other educational activities with the following topics:

1.Organisational Management
2.Project Cycle Management Using the Logical Framework Approach
3.Resource Mobilization
4.Human Resource Management
5.Communication & PR
6.Human Rights
7.Conflict Management
8.Strategic Planning
9.Volunteer Management
10.Any HIV/AIDS related topics
11.Any disability related topics
12.Tolerance, Reconciliation & Peacebuilding
13.Advocacy & Lobbying
14.Monitoring & Evaluation
15.Church Related Social / Charitable Work (Diaconia)
16.Empowerment of the Socially Marginalized
17.Home Care of the Elderly & Ill
18.Any cancer related topics
19.Planning, Organizing & Leading Workshops
20.Presentation Skills
21.Various topics in working with children's projects
22.Do-No-Harm - Project Planning & Revision in Conflict Areas for Development Agencies

Training Structure

The structure and dynamics of each individual educational activity depends on the training / seminar / workshop participants' needs. Each training / workshop is planned separately and custom made according to the results of the future participants' needs assessment.

Depending on the topic, its scope and range, participants' needs, their time and other resources available, there is a possibility of organising and delivering following educatinal activities:

Short introductory workshops (90-120 min)
Longer workshops on specific topics (3 -8 hours)
Basic training (1 day / 8 hours)
Short training (2-2.5 days)
Standard training (3-4 days)
Short training course (5-10 days, possibly divided into several modules of 2-3 days)
Training course (10-15 days, over a longer period of time /6 months -1 year/ divided into several training modules of 3-4 days)
All EHO trainings are available in Serbian (Croatian, Bosniac, Montenegrin...) and English language.


Ana Bu, external associate since December 2012
Certified trainer since June 1998 (NGO Management ToT Cert. of Merit issued by Oxfam and CES) and one of the first trainers of the TRI Team. Aside all NGO related topics and training planning, organisation, delivery and management, her fields of expertise are ethnic diveristy, tolerance and conflict resolution, as well as gender equality.

Marija Parnicki, project Coordinator of the Diaconal Center
Certified psychologist specialized in Non-violent communication.

Robert Bu, project Coordinator of the Roma Resource Center
Certified professional trainer since June 2004 (Level 3 Certificate in Training Practice of the Chartered Institute of Personel Development, Londonu, UK). His fields of expertise are volunteer management, training planning, organisation, delivery and management and church related social and charity work.

Beside these trainers, many EHO employees and volunteers have great practical project presentation experience in various public and educational events. 


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