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Interchurch cooperation and peace-building

1. Youth Reconciliation Meetings - Cross Border Cycle (This project is temporarily suspended until further notice)

Overall goal:  Increasing mutual understanding and overcoming mistrust among children in the region (i.e. Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Activities: Organising 4 four-day meetings of children aged 10-14 from Serbia and Montenegro and Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina, printing and distribution of the Bez granica (local for: No borders) project newsletter and T-shirts, promotion of values of reconciliation in the media, schools and participating organisations, as well as participants' respective local communities.

Some of the 2004 project results are the following:

There were 3 four-day meetings in Serbia and Montenegro and a seven-day meeting on the Croatian coast. This was the first time after the wars in the Balkans in 1990's that a group of children from Serbia and Montenegro visited their friends in Croatia officially. This was the first time that a group of children identified and supported by a state institution (a primary school) went for an official visit to children in Croatia.
The project involved 162 children, 22 accompanying adults (teachers, pedagogists, psychologists and parents) of different nationalities and religions (from 8 primary schools and 3 NGOs), as well as 6 workshop moderators from Vojvodina/Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
1,200 copies of the project newsletter and 280 T-shirts were printed and distributed. There were 9 project presentations in participating schools and organisations, and 13 articles about the project were published in various printed and electronic media, half of which abroad (U.K. and Bosnia and Herzegovina).
The project staff were invited to a WSCF (World Students' Christian Federation) summer camp in Hungary where they delivered a workshop on reconciliation and peacebuilding practice to over 50 participants from all over Europe.
The Deputy Provincial Secretary for Sports and Youth of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina also visited the project.

2. The School of Ecumenism

The School of Ecumenism organises lectures and workshops for 20 attendees on subjects that are essential for improved understanding of the position of churches and religious communities, and for the development of dialogue and tolerance among members of various ethnic groups in the region.

3. Churches and Advocacy

Overall objective is to enhance the role of five historical minority churches in society and strengthen them to become an important part of changes in the society.

4. World Day of Prayer

Since 1994, EHO has been coordinating the World Day of Prayer in Vojvodina which is held every first Friday in March. The World Day of Prayer used to be a women's initiative that later grew into an ecumenical one inviting people all over the world to pray together for world peace and love on that day.

5. Mission for the Blind

This project has been running for several years. Its overall goal is to offer the blind, visually impaired and elderly people audio tapes with spiritual content (sermons, meditations, Bible readings, etc.) .
Based in Subotica and with the help of EHO, the mission organizes recording and copying of tapes and their distribution to beneficiaries personally or by mail.
In 2004 the mission had 161 beneficiaries. From 490 master tapes belonging to the mission the volunteers copied another 1,800 that they later distributed to beneficiaries in 20 settlements in Vojvodina.


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