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School of Ecumenism

The School of Ecumenism organises lectures and workshops for 20 attendees on subjects that are essential for improved understanding of the position of churches and religious communities, and for the  development of dialogue and tolerance among members of various ethnic groups in the region. These activities are organized in the new EHO Center (Ćirila i Metodija street no.21 in Novi Sad) twice a month. 

The target group are:

  • Priests and church workers/ activists in churches and religious communities
  • Representatives of media and civil sector
  • Students of Faculty of Philosophy (from departments for History, History of Religion and Sociology) and theological colleges in Vojvodina.

Selection and reception of attendees shall be performed by the School Council.
Lectures shall start on November and shall be held every second Saturday until the end of May next year, with a break from the second half of December until the end of the first half of January.
There are 40 lectures planned (45 minutes each). Overall 10 working days are required for lectures, with 4 lectures on each Saturday (10 days x 4 lectures = 40 lectures). Subject areas are differentiated and shall be studied interactively with the aim of attaining new skills and knowledge and better mutual acquaintance. Wherever possible, churches and religious movements shall be represented by their own representatives.
Subjects are the following:

  • History of religion and Christianity/ terms of reference and definitions of religion;
  • Non-Christian religions: Judaism and Islam;
  • Christian denominations and new religious movements;
  • History of Ecumenism in world and current Ecumenical tendencies worldwide and locally, Charters and Muniments;
  • What do We Have in Common and Vojvodinian Religious Actuality;
  • Biblical Anthropology /sects and new spiritual movements/ public opinion, media and religion;
  • Nonviolent Action and Peace-building;
  • Optional subjects.

Lectures and workshops shall be organized with the following schedule:
9:00 -10:30  First session with two 45-minute lectures
10:30-11:00 Break for Coffee, snack and refreshments
11:00-12:30 Second session with two 45-minute lectures
In the end of 2nd Semester, in June (one Saturday), attendees shall present their Final Papers. These papers should be produced under detailed standard (up to 5 pages long) and in cooperation with mentor. These papers shall be submitted to Project Coordinator and publicly presented (in summary) to all participants of SE. The best papers and all lectures shall be published in Ecumenical Digest. 
Final excursion  is planned for June.
Preparation and publishing of Ecumenical Digest in circulation of 500 copies is planned for July/ August.


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