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Diaconal Center

Overall goal

Development of healthy civil society and expansion of EHO and local capacities to respond to basic social and economic problems caused by the first years of transition in Vojvodina through 3 main thematic project departments:

1. Diaconal Groups, Network

Its goal is to develop diaconal work and EHO capacities to mobilize volunteers and resources from church and community groups, as well as to support small-scale diaconal initiatives by providing them with small grants and training. The network has 615 volunteers organised in 87 groups in 65 settlements all over Vojvodina.

Some of the 2004 results are the following:

78 volunteers in 35 groups did 17,812 basic medical checkups (measuring blood pressure and blood sugar level).
During 2 humanitarian actions the groups collected 5,850 kg of material aid that was later distributed to 7 various social welfare institutions in Vojvodina.
Christmas and Easter Joyhouse (festivity) programmes organised by the Novi Sad groups were attended by over 500 people.

2.Martha Center

Its goal is to help the local socially vulnerable groups improve their quality of life trhough services of a:

a.) free laundry and second-hand clothes distribution point
b.) The Club for Elderly (page under construction) is a daycare centre for the elderly and lonely people aimed at their socialization. Some of Club services are:

Special hairdresser's, podiatrist's and masseur's services .
Blood pressure measurements.
Blood sugar measurements.
Workshops - cooking, handicrafts (glass, painting, ceramic, knitting...)


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